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Adapter Cablexpert «AUS3-02″, USB3.0 to IDE 2.5″3.5» and SATA adaptor, GoFlex compatible

201,00 MDL

Converter USB to Serial port RS232, USB A plug/DB9M 1.5m cable, Black, Gembird, UAS-DB9M-02

140,00 MDL

PCI-E Card — Gembird PEX-U31-01, 2-port USB 3.1 PCI-Express add-on card (type-A + type-C), with extr

468,00 MDL

PCI-Express Gembird M.2 SSD adapter, Gembird PEX-M2-01

173,00 MDL

PCI-Express Gembird x2 Serial port RS232, (COM DB9M), x1 DB25F parallel, Gembird PEX-COMLPT-01

278,00 MDL

PCI-Express x2 Serial port RS232, (COM DB9M), Gembird SPC-22

213,00 MDL

SATA-IDE-2 Bi-directional SATA/IDE converter

117,00 MDL

Splitter HDMI Cablexpert DSP-2PH4-03, 2 ports

277,00 MDL

Splitter HDMI 2 ports — Cablexpert — DSP-2PH4-03, HDMI splitter, 2 ports, 1 input, 2 output HDMI rec

279,00 MDL

Splitter HDMI 4 ports — Cablexpert — DSP-4PH4-02, HDMI splitter, 4 ports, 1 input, 4 output HDMI rec

612,00 MDL

Splitter HDMI Cablexpert DSP-4PH4-001, 4 ports

668,00 MDL

Splitter HDMI Cablexpert DSP-8PH4-001, 8 ports

1.173,00 MDL

Switch Cablexpert DSW-HDMI-34, HDMI interface switch, 3 ports

180,00 MDL

Switch HDMI Gembird DSW-HDMI-35, HDMI 3 ports, built-in cable, Switches up to 3 HDMI sources to a si

198,00 MDL

USB3.0 2 ports PCI-E host adapter, UPC-30-2P

270,00 MDL