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Gembird MIC-205 Desktop microphone with flexible gooseneck and practical on/off switch, 3.5 mm audio

64,00 MDL

Gembird MIC-C-01 Clip-on 3.5 mm microphone, black

34,00 MDL

HYPERX In-Line Mic Cloud Alpha Edition, Compatible with Cloud Alpha, Single button for calls and med

401,00 MDL

HyperX QuadCast, Microphone for the streaming, Anti-Vibration shock mount, Tap-to-Mute sensor with L

3.148,00 MDL

Karaoke Microphone HOCO «BK3» Silver, Wireless

816,00 MDL

Karaoke Microphone SVEN «MK-950», White/Gold, Bluetooth, 6w, microSD, 1200mAh

636,00 MDL

Karaoke Microphone SVEN «MK-960», Black, Bluetooth, 6w, microSD, 1200mAh

642,00 MDL

Logitech Expansion Microphone (2 pack) for GROUP camera

7.005,00 MDL

Logitech Expansion Microphone for MEETUP camera

5.665,00 MDL

Microphone Sennheiser «E 825-S». 80 – 15000 Hz, cable XLR-3

1.597,00 MDL

Microphone Sennheiser «E 845-S». 40 – 16000 Hz, cable XLR-3

1.964,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-150»

44,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-170», Black

47,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-200» Desktop Black

66,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-205» Desktop Grey

71,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-390» Desktop Black

98,00 MDL

Microphone SVEN «MK-490» Desktop Black

139,00 MDL

Microphones HyperX QuadCast

3.148,00 MDL