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Adapter DP mini M to HDMI F, White Cablexpert «A-mDPM-HDMIF-02-W», miniDisplay port male to HDMI fem

115,00 MDL

Cable DP to DP 1.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP-1M

125,00 MDL

Cable DP to DP 1.8m Cablexpert, CC-DP2-6

137,00 MDL

Cable DP to DP 3.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP2-10

185,00 MDL

Cable DP to DVI 1.0m, Cablexpert, «CC-DPM-DVIM-1M», Black

201,00 MDL

Cable DP to DVI 1.8m, Cablexpert, «CC-DPM-DVIM-6», Black

243,00 MDL

Cable MiniDP to DP 1.8m Cablexpert, CCP-mDP2-6

151,00 MDL

Cable MiniDP to MiniDP 1.8m Cablexpert, CCP-mDPmDP2-6

147,00 MDL

Cable MiniDP to VGA 1.8m Cablexpert, CC-mDPM-VGAM-6

269,00 MDL

Cable DisplayPort 1.8m — CC-DP2-6, 1.8 m, digital interface cable, bulk packing

121,00 MDL

Cable DisplayPort 3m Brackton DPH-SKB-0300.B, 3 m,DP to HDMI, digital interface cable, bulk packing

342,00 MDL

Cable DP — 3m — Brackton DP4-SKB-0300.B, 3m, DisplayPort 20 pin to DisplayPort 20 pin m/m, Vers.1.2

194,00 MDL

Cable DP to HDMI 1.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP-HDMI-1M

214,00 MDL

Cable DP to HDMI 1.8m Cablexpert, CC-DP-HDMI-6

210,00 MDL

Cable DP to HDMI 10.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP-HDMI-10M

626,00 MDL

Cable DP to HDMI 3.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP-HDMI-3M

233,00 MDL

Cable DP to HDMI 5.0m Cablexpert, CC-DP-HDMI-5M

342,00 MDL

Cable DP to Type-C 0.15m Cablexpert, Supports max. 4K*2K resolution (60MHz), A-CM-DPF-01

491,00 MDL