Acc Grill TEFAL XA725870

1.694,00 MDL

Aerogrill Esperanza QUASAR EKO003, 18 L, Power 1400W, Versatile application: roasting / baking / frying / grilling / steaming / stewing / defrosting /

Grill Cuisinart GR47BE

4.296,00 MDL

Grill Cuisinart PL60BE

5.308,00 MDL

Grill Esperanza PROVOLONE EKG007 2000W, Automatic temperature control, Easy to clean the heating plates, Non-stick coating of the heating plates, Heat

Grill Esperanza TALEGGIO EKG006 750W, Automatic temperature control Easy to clean the heating plates Non-stick coating of the heating plates Heat-insu


1.178,00 MDL


1.149,00 MDL

Grill Gorenje TG2000CB

1.487,00 MDL

Grill Polaris PGP1902

2.256,00 MDL

Grill Polaris PGP2902

1.198,00 MDL

Grill Polaris PGP3002DP

6.231,00 MDL

Grill Redmond RGM-M825P

4.564,00 MDL

Grill TEFAL GC205012

1.719,00 MDL

Grill TEFAL GC241D38 2000W Power output, 30 x 20 cm plate, positions, inox

1.198,00 MDL

Grill Tefal GC461B34

3.073,00 MDL

Grill TEFAL GC712D34

3.868,00 MDL

Grill Tefal GC716D12

5.122,00 MDL