Cellular iPhone Compact USB Charger, White

97,00 MDL

Gembird AC wall socket with 2 port USB charger, 2.4A, USB charger: 2 ports, 5 V DC up to 2.4 A / 12

186,00 MDL

Gembird EG-UC2A-02, Universal AC USB charging adapter, 5 V / 2.1 A, White

117,00 MDL

Gembird EG-UC2A-03-W, Universal AC USB charging adapter, 5 V / 2 A, White

78,00 MDL

Hoco C72Q Glorious single port QC3.0 charger (EU)

189,00 MDL

Hoco N13 Bright PD30W+QC3.0 charger (EU) Black

449,00 MDL

Hoco N13 Bright PD30W+QC3.0 charger (EU) White

449,00 MDL

Original Sam. EP-TA20, Fast Travel Charger, White

446,00 MDL

Original Sam. EP-TA845, Fast Travel Charger 45W PD, White

705,00 MDL

Power socket built-in, Out:1xCEE 7/4, 2xUSB, White, protective shutters, Energenie EG-ACU2-02

165,00 MDL

Trust CITO15 Ultra-Fast Wireless Charger for smartphones, 15W high power output mode for ultrafast wireless charging, Supports fast-charging 7.5W mode

323,00 MDL

Trust Qmax 18W Ultra-Fast USB-C Wall Charger with PD, Ultra-fast and easy charging via USB-C

325,00 MDL

Trust Qmax 30W Ultra-Fast Dual USB Wall Charger with QC3.0, Fast-charge at maximum speed with up to

415,00 MDL

Trust Ultra-Fast USB Wall Charger with QC3.0 and auto-detect, Also charges other devices that suppor

259,00 MDL

Universal USB desktop charger, Out:3 USB*5V/3.1A, In:CEE7/4, mixed: Black&White, EG-U3C3A-01-MX

181,00 MDL

Universal USB Charger — Gembird EG-U2C2A-02-W, 2x USB — 5V/2.1A, Input: 110/240V, White

114,00 MDL

Universal USB Charger — Gembird EG-U2C2A-03-BK, 2-port universal USB charger, 2.1 A, Black

114,00 MDL

Universal USB Charger — Gembird EG-UQC3-01, 1xUSB QC3.0 output: DC 3.8V…6.5V / 3A, 6.5V…9V / 2A,

184,00 MDL